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Hairs are important part of the face. Hair makes a person look beautiful. Hair dressing has existed since ages. 

Hairdressing is the styling of hairs by cutting, arranging and pinning them in a fashionable manner. Hairstyles must be picked according to the length of the hair. Hair dye, haircutting, straightening, keratin treatment, highlights and hair curling are in the fashion these days. Some subtle and sophisticated ladies prefer pinning and arrangement of hair in buns and other hairstyles, otherwise open hair with good cutting is preferred these days by ladies of all ages.

Hairdressing in Old Age.

Historical records show that the ancient Assyrians had a likening towards curly hairstyles, while on the other hand Egyptian, all men, women and children, liked to bald their heads and wore wigs. There were different hairstyle preferences. While in some areas of the world, showing of hair was regarded irreligious and hairs were hidden. So, hairdressing options were restricted to braids. 

Greeks dyed their hair, while Japanese used a lacquer, which was near to modern hair spray. Crude curling hair curler was used by Romans for creating different sophisticated hairstyles. Hairdressing and its zest led to innovations and inventions in technology for hair. Different machines were invented, and thus it led to the modern world hairdressing.

Hairdressing as a Profession.

Hairdressing, due to greater inventions and innovations associated with the hairdressing, became an important and respectable profession in current times. Even common people want to get haircut from hair experts.  Hair saloons are a profitable business, like any big business. 

Haircut in Women’s Fashion.

It is very difficult to get a ‘Right’ and ‘Good’ haircut for a girl. However, there are many hairstyles trending in 2019. Girls may pick the best that may suit them. They include Smoothed out Pixie, Rough Pixie, Full Length Layers, and Layers with Bangs, Bangs with Step Cutting, Equal Length, and Short Bangs for Medium and Short Hairs etc. 

„If I weren't performing, I'd be a beauty editor or a therapist. I love creativity, but I also love to help others. My mother was a hairstylist, and they listen to everyone's problems like a beauty therapist! “

Beyonce Knowles

Hairstyle in Men’s Fashion.

Hairdressing is very important in Men’s Fashion these days. There are many hairstyles in trending for men. These include Short Textured Haircut, Tide Edge Haircut, Short Pomp Haircut, Comb Hairstyle, Medium Back Comb Haircut, Short Side-Comb Haircut and more. 

„Hair style is the final tip off whether or not a woman really knows herself. “

Hubert de Givenchy
Hairdressing is a giant business these days, because much attention is given to hairdressing today. Hairdressing is important for both, men and women. Hairstyling, done according to recent trends, looks cool, fresh and decent.